Twitterers to Follow


For my three Sustainability Twitterers, I chose:

Jacob McPherson.  For me, his headline caught my eye: On the forefront of evolving cultural intersections created when music, fashion, art, and technology blend.  It seems very forward and “now.”  Looking over his recent tweets, it seems like his very active in cross-promoting with Sustainability being the focus.

Oat Shoes.  While they are not here in America yet, these shoes seem pretty awesome.  One of their recent tweets sent me to their Facebook showing a photo shoot done recently and I loved all of it!  It will be interesting to watch them grow as a company.

Green Energy News.  Like most people, I am following them because they are basically the main collection of green news.  It seems like the most up-to-date news topics and has everything in one centralized location.


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  1. Oat Shoes…what a cool idea! I have never heard of them and just went to their website. I bet I could grow a forest if I plant a couple of size 14’s!

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