Monthly Archives: August 2011

Creating an Engaging Blog


After reading Rowse’s ‘9 Signs of an Effective Blog’ I knew the first thing I had to do was change my background.  As much as I loved the simplicity of the one I has before, it was much too plain and did not actually encourage readers to become engaged and want to read.  I picked a theme I really love and feel like it captures the eye.  Also, it makes additional menus very easy to see as I need to add more. 

Also, I updated my About page so that people would have a better feel for me.  I wanted people to have an understanding as to why I am blogging now.  As I become more and more involved with blogging, I want to continue to make updates to progress with me. 

While I am currently blogging for purely educational purposes, I hope to become more comfortable with it and start sharing my viewpoint on various issues and ideas so keep checking in with me!


Effective Blogging


When comparing Solar Wind & Energy – to the steps laid out by Darren Rowse, I found that the blog missed the mark a little for me in some areas but mostly because I was not drawn in. The blog does very clearly state what the reader will be reading about and follows up with that. The blog seems full of information, but I also feel a little overwhelmed. Sites like this one turn me away because it seems like there is just too much going on so I move on.

Also, the blog only seems to have recently been updated twice since April. Hopefully they will continue to post for those that are interested in their blog. If people do not maintain a sense of recency, they will forget about the blog completely.

However, I do appreciate that the blogger made an About Me page to give people insight as to why he is claiming to have knowledge about solar and wind energy. Plus, it makes me want to like him and want to read his stuff. Knowing his background and passion, I feel like I can believe and trust him. For me, however, it does not hold my attention for long.

Twitterers to Follow


For my three Sustainability Twitterers, I chose:

Jacob McPherson.  For me, his headline caught my eye: On the forefront of evolving cultural intersections created when music, fashion, art, and technology blend.  It seems very forward and “now.”  Looking over his recent tweets, it seems like his very active in cross-promoting with Sustainability being the focus.

Oat Shoes.  While they are not here in America yet, these shoes seem pretty awesome.  One of their recent tweets sent me to their Facebook showing a photo shoot done recently and I loved all of it!  It will be interesting to watch them grow as a company.

Green Energy News.  Like most people, I am following them because they are basically the main collection of green news.  It seems like the most up-to-date news topics and has everything in one centralized location.