Purpose Driven Campaign


More and more, companies are jumping on board with purpose driven campaigns.  Companies have started to become more active (or more vocal) about green initiatives and what they are doing to give back to the community.  However, there can also be many cons to running one of these campaigns.


Almost any attention is good attention.  When companies can get there name in the public’s mindset, they are more likely to be remembered and shared with others.  Purpose driven campaigns can push people to support the company just because they are involved in a good cause.  Let’s use TOMS for an example.  I would never spend $60 for linen shoes just because I thought they were somewhat cute.  However, knowing that my pair of shoes will allow somebody else to have shoes too pushes me to go ahead and buy them.  TOMS has even started a sunglasses line, http://www.toms.com/eyewear/, that does one for one by using the money to pay for glasses or even basic eye surgery.  While the sunglasses are more than I would ever pay ($135 for the ones I like if anybody wants to help myself and somebody else in need.  Haha) because I lose them, I know other people are tempted too because they know the purchase could benefit somebody else.  Customers are more likely to form strong ties with companies that share the same values as them. 


While any publicity is good publicity, sometimes it’s a double-edged sword.  Often times, companies get involved with controversial charities.  Unfortunately, we still live in a world where people will not support companies that seem to uphold certain beliefs by which charities they work with.  Also, many companies get back-lash from not doing the support themselves.  Like the “Digital Death” campaign done by Alicia Keys, http://freshsqueezeddaily.net/?p=286, was focused on donations by her fans, yet not by herself.


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  1. Tara, Have you seen the Mastercard commercial with Ray Ramano?
    Seems many companies are jumping on the ‘we’re making it easy for you to do good’ band wagon!

  2. I had not until this post. I am too much of a fan of DVR that I do not even know the last time I saw a commercial. Haha. After watching the clip, however, I think it is pretty interesting because it allows people to give back without even really knowing it. Many are going to use their MasterCard anyway, but this is just an added perk. Very cool.

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