For my interview, I went to one of my closest friends and former co-workers. She is also part of the Baby Boomer generation and could easily be my Grandmother.

Being from generations so far apart (I am from the young end of Generation Y) we obviously have had very different experiences growing up. I have always had computers easily accessible to me and used it for my information. We had a huge encyclopedia set in our play room, but it was more for show than anything. I would go online to find out information or even Encarta, but never the encyclopedias. Joyce, however, did not even have an encyclopedia set to look at. Her learning was all done in a traditional school setting. Using the, article, I do agree on some of the workplace characteristics. Showing similarities, Joyce and I are both team players and like to participate in decisions. Unfortunately, I know that she has little balance with her work and personal and works just for the paycheck. I, with the rest of my generation, feel like we can get the paycheck and also find a lot of fulfillment and personal gain out of our positions. I have left well-paying jobs because I did not feel satisfied at the end of the day. I know a Boomer like Joyce would never do that. With communication style, Joyce usually wanted to communicate face to face with whoever she was speaking to. I, on the other hand, will just send a message and assume they will read it. Joyce is motivated more by money than I. Of course I know that money is important and I have had to work very hard to get it, I also strive for the ability to work with other people that are “bright” and “creative.”

When using social media, Joyce and I have pretty similar thoughts but she does not realize just how much social media has to offer. I have grown under the impression that the Internet is FULL of an over-abundant amount of information. Joyce is still pretty limited because of what she has been exposed to. In the doctor’s office we worked at together, however, we agreed that social media was not the best option. We worked at an Internal Medicine clinic in Stillwater, Oklahoma where very few of our patients had even used a computer. I remember a student; essentially he was an intern, trying to talk to us about the benefits of a website and online advertising. Unfortunately, even after many attempts and way too much money, the physician decided to pull the plug because he finally realized that our patients just were not affected by it


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  1. How does personal fulfillment in a job environment relate to social media for you?

    I’l take the middle ground on face-to-face vs. online, I think that somethings are better said in person whereas other things are better done in electronic format. Electronic format is especially effective for communication you would like to have documented.

    Also I’m curious to know where all the money was spent on the social media campaign for the clinic before the doctor pulled the plug? I would have to agree the online advertisements are ineffective and lame. Aren’t there are other ways to get your business online exposure without actually paying for advertising?

  2. When I was talking about personal fulfillment in the article, I was not necessarily relating it to social media but rather showing some differences between two generations. However, I feel as if a social media campaign I was a part of seemed to be doing really well, I get a lot of fulfillment out of being part of that team. While it may not necessarily mean a pay raise, knowing I did a good job is still important to me.

    I do agree with your comment about being middle ground with communication. I prefer sending quick little messages, but if things are important, I definitely do face-to-face.

    As far as when I worked at the clinic and we started to go online, the physician was spending money on the intern to be a “web site developer” amongst a variety of pointless charges. In the end, while a listing is beneficial to let people know we were there, having a fully functional website was just not a good fit for our clinic. Like I mentioned, it was RARE for our patients to be online. The intern wanted the patients to have the capability to schedule their own appointments, etc. but none of the patients showed interest. They preferred to call especially considering there are so many factors that go into our appointments and most of the time, the patients did not even know what they were coming in for.

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