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Social media continues to pick up momentum and I cannot think of anybody that is not affected by it in one way or another.

Thinking of even how social media has changed in the past decade, who knows where it will be in another decade.  We are living in a time where just being “up to date” is no longer good enough.  People need to be ahead of the game to keep up.  As social media continues to progress, companies and individuals will be finding new ways to connect that we never even imagined before.  Look at websites like Skype.


Articles:   (I particularly liked the second paragraph on this one)


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  1. I agree, if you don’t have an account on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media then you are behind. The videos you have posted back your findings about social media. The article you attached about the baby boomer having a Facebook page is so true. The funny thing is the Millennial people ask me for my Facebook page, I am pretty impressed.

  2. It seems as though everyone is on one of these sites. I am not sure that you have to have one, but it helps. There are going to be kids that have their entire life documented for them on these sites. Is that good?

  3. Tom-I don’t know if it’s necessarily good or bad for kids to have so much personal information documented for public view on sites. I think it can allow strangers to easily track these kids and put them in danger but at the same time it allows them to easily maintain contact with those around them.

  4. I thought this video was good as well. It does finish off with a suggested book to help people further understand social media. The video gets the point across without being too fussy.

  5. I notice more and more people joining my networks everyday. Some of them are the long time hold outs that were having nothing to do with social media. I think older generations figure out that if they want to stay connected with children and grandchildren they need to get on board. The videos do a nice job supporting engagement trends of social media. I liked the statement “If you’re reacting, someone else defines what you’re going to do, rather than defining what people need to do.” Interesting statement to motivate companies to participate. As I was thinking about engaging a business community and sharing via social media, how does that effect businesses from a legal perspective? For instance, pictures at a company event that are posted? Will sharing everything we do just be second nature with no regard to privacy?

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