Ok, I have to admit, I was dragging my feet on this blog.  I have never done a blog before.  I have read plenty, but never took it upon myself to create one.  People who know me well know I always have more than enough to say, but for some reason I never deemed it appropriate for the Internet for just anybody to read.  Either way, looks like I’m here whether the World Wide Web is ready or not.

Like most people, I ended up being stuck on deciding what my first post would be about.  Do I want to talk about the Casey Anthony trial?  Do I want to talk about the adorable puppies I have waiting for me at home?  My need for a pedicure asap?  Instead I decided to do what I typically do.  Ask somebody else.  I am an extremely indecisive person and usually do not make a decision on my own and this was no different.  Immediately, I texted my friend Max (or Simba! as he is referred to in my phone).  Max and I are unusual friends.  We met when I was attending school at Oklahoma State because we lived on the same floor.  He is a total opposite of me in almost every shape and form which is why I adore him in a strictly platonic way.  The text literally said, “Oh and do me a favor-say a word.  Just any word.”  I braced myself for some crazy physics term I do not know and I get the text back…Tofu. 

Really, Max?  Tofu.  Ok, well that is what he said so that is what I will go with.  Odd how I was talking about tofu at work yesterday.  Tofu is one of the many foods that are misunderstood.  Tofu has no real flavor to it.  It absorbs whatever it is seasoned and cooked with.  Plain and simple.  I know a lot of people mostly dislike it for the texture, but again that can be altered.  Then I started thinking…we’re all pieces of tofu.  We have the capability of absorbing everything around us like information and culture to make us “taste better.”  We start out completely bland and plain, but our experiences are the seasonings that make us better.  We can morph ourselves in ways that aren’t expected just like how tofu can be used in everything from entrees to desserts.  If we do not soak everything up that we are given, we are left with no flavor and are nothing more than an unseasoned chunk of tofu. 


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